If you haven’t already heard of LUXE LOVE – well it’s time that you did…

Spending your day in “sweats” used to be a fashion crime, but LUXE LOVE easily transitions from workout clothes to casual day wear, balancing the dual lifestyle of fitness and finesse. The LUXE LOVE women’s collection features a mix of elegant active-wear-inspired collections of leggings, bras, tank tops and more – all modelled on women of various shapes and sizes.


This is the active-wear you will want to stay in all day, designed for women who lead everyday active lifestyles as well as the casual gym goer, leaving you to feel confident in your own skin.

From Workout to Night Out – What Drives you to balance a Dual Lifestyle?

When was the last time you felt truly comfortable? When you look good, you feel good; and women want more value from their purchases. They want a pair of leggings they can wear to the gym as well as weekend-wear, this is why the LUXE LOVE active-wear collection also falls under the bracket of contemporary fashion, bridging the gap between high performance active-wear and ready-to-wear apparel.

Our in-house fashionistas mix LUXE LOVE staples which are both comfortable and stylish, and easily rotate and transition from activity to activity, whilst mixing and matching for unlimited fashionable looks.

Quality and fit are paramount when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident, so the aim of LUXE LOVE is to create a strong selection of performance-wear of the best quality, catering to all different body types.

Things to consider when gearing up for the Gym…

Are you ready to feel good about who you are? Creating a daily exercise regime for yourself allows you to take the time to truly honour and appreciate who you are.

Complimenting fitness goals with lifestyle goals…

Almost a thousand years ago, Moses Maimonides said, “The physician should not treat the ailment, but the patient who is suffering from it.” Our LUXE LOVE collection was designed to meet the differing needs of individuals and to help each woman create her own exercise regime.

LUXE LOVE is created by WRAPDRIVE. It started with a desire to inspire and motivate women with our active-wear. A lot of hard work and passion has led us here, and now we aim to inspire all women to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Each LUXE LOVE outfit contributes to the wearer’s personality as well as their passion for health, fitness and fashion. They are fun and inspirational designs inspiring a balanced, healthy lifestyle… everything today’s fitness female embraces to lead successful careers and also love life outside of work.