It all started in 2019 when two individuals united by the common interest of fitness and a healthy lifestyle in Melbourne, Australia, came together to bring forth a culture of human fitness and wellbeing.

Our vision is to create versatile performance apparel, with great attention to detail and eye for good quality, that helps one to reach their peak in the gym, on the running track, or any endeavour life throws.

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“What drives us”

This question has stayed with many of us since childhood and hopefully will continue to stay with us. This has constantly pushed us to reach many milestones. The idea which drove us to take a leap into the world of fitness apparel is when we were unable to find the right clothing for gym, which is a perfect blend of premium activewear and ultra-comfortable.

Being driven by fitness, we are, or now it is safe to say we were, working professionals having over a decade of experience in Accounting, public relations, retail. We spend a lot of time in the gym, out running, and climbing mountains during vacations.

Stepping into this world of fitness, we are excited and motivated to help each one of us to be the best version of ourselves.

We are wrapped with dedication towards creating a culture of fitness with style. So, to all those who are looking for an answer or excuse to be in the gym or outdoor running, lifting, climbing we are here for you and wants to be the part which will propel you into the world of fitness and new milestones.

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What drives you?

“A driven human is the most powerful machine universe has ever seen”. The power we have felt which has driven us this far has been weaved carefully and distinctly into the cloth.

The only way to be driven is to start. It is said that half the battle is won if you start, the rest is persistence and hard work. Now this page is not about telling you how to be motivated or work hard. We believe everyone has their own reasons and turn in life where they start, where they value their body and mind, give it the attention it deserves. We are our home; we need to keep it strong and healthy. The pointers which you are about to read won’t be of the things you should do or shouldn’t do but purely spirit of a driven human.

  • Never underestimate yourself: Don’t care what others say or think. Ride your own journey, earn it; own it. You are special, you are strong, reflect that in your walk, your talk, and your eyes.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin: There is nothing more beautiful than watching a man or a woman being most comfortable in their own skin. Take care of your body and be comfortable in it.
  • The journey is much more exciting than the destination itself: It is good to have certain goal for your body, but remember, the journey is fun and the memory of journey will stay with you longer than the destination itself.
  • Remember there are many peaks in the mountains which has different view, and all are beautiful in their own respect: It is not necessary to be at the same peak as others. Always remember to be the best version of yourself; find your own peak and enjoy the view.



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