WRAPDRIVE gym clothes washing instruction
Stink No More!
Why Gym Clothes Smell…

Anyone who works out frequently will be familiar with that awful sweaty smell that seeps out of gym clothes, even after they have been through the wash. The primary culprits are bacteria, sweat and body oils, which build up inside synthetic fabrics and literally stink.

Luxe Love activewear is manufactured using modern synthetic fabrics, great for a workout giving them plenty of wear and tear, but essentially synthetic fabrics are plastic which, in itself, is essentially an odour contributor. So what is the best way to keep your gym clothes not only clean, but smelling fresh?

Ensuring your Luxe Love activewear clothes don’t accumulate that musty smell begins the second you finish your workout…

Remove the clothes as soon as possible, turn them inside out (the sweat, bacteria and oil are more concentrated on the inside) and allow them to air if not going straight into the washing machine. In addition, deodorants and perfumes can build up in the underarms of your workout wear. Bacteria feeds off darkness, just the same as heat magnifies the smell from bacteria, therefore avoid tossing your activewear into the laundry hamper with other clothing.

Follow these simple instructions and your activewear will love you as much as you love it…

  1. Wash separately on a cool wash cycle. Choose a detergent that is specifically formulated for activewear, as traditional detergents aren’t as sufficient at penetrating synthetic fabrics. As a result, all that bacteria, sweat and body oil get trapped inside the fibres and continue accumulating. Use LESS detergent if your clothes smell, it’s very tempting to be over enthusiastic and use lots of detergent, but too much will cause product to build up on your clothes. This build-up acts as a harbouring ground for bacteria, quickly creating lingering smells. 100ml to 250mll of white vinegar is your rinse cycle will help remove build-up occurring. Avoid fabric softeners – synthetic fabrics do not require conditioning.
  2. No tumble drying! Harsh drying heat will deteriorate the elastane in stretchy leggings and waistbands. Instead, let your activewear dry on an airing rack or outside in the fresh air.

By laundering your Luxe Love activewear separately from other clothing you can be sure it will look newer, and last longer, and smell fresher.

By laundering your WRAPDRIVE activewear separately from other clothing you can be sure it will look newer, and last longer, and smell fresher.